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  • Delivered 2011
  • Length 42 M
  • Interior designer Tripp Design
  • Shipyard Vitters Shipyard

Sarissa’s owner has both a young family and clear ideas about what he wants: a performance yacht that’s both comfortable for extended voyages and capable of competing seriously in regattas.

We completed the interior in 2011, but the thinking behind it is as fresh as ever.  An almost modular interior, with removable bulkheads changing spaces and functions echoes the multiple roles the boat plays. 

For instance, the study, which has a more serious ambiance with its predominantly rosewood surfaces, can be converted to a double guest cabin, with the dayhead  becoming its en suite bathroom.

Interior décor is mainly three timber varieties and very little by way of fabrics – intended to reflect the romanticism of sailing and travel while coping with its practicalities. The result is a synthesis of fast elegant sailing yacht and a relaxed beach house.

Headlinings, floors and bulkhead panels are oak with various washed treatments. Other bulkheads and furniture are lustrous cherry. 

Throughout lines and shades make spaces appear larger than they are. The rosewood and dark leather help express the difference in geometry between the rectilinear interior furniture and the beautiful flowing lines of the hull and portlights.

It’s a boat where the adventure never ends.